Success, progress, health, wealth, happiness … this is how we were meant to live! 

It’s who we were meant to be and … it’s  all encoded into our DNA 



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Brenda Hattingh is an international inspirational speaker with a passion for success and quality living while finding sollutions for current challenges and preparing for demands of the future. She specializes in developing new leaders, facilitating change and innovation, broadening vision, changing mindsets, instilling visionary thinking while laying a new foundation for success and progress that benefits all people. She also understands the importance of activating new potential encoded into our DNA and can help you re-invent your self.   

As a leadership coach and mentor, a qualified psychologist, business, corporate and leadership consultant, Brenda invests her time in utilizing personal, leader and organizational potential. She also focuses on utilizing personal power while developing individual and corporate Power Intelligence, New Success DNA and New Leadership DNA.

Brenda is committed to the development of a new generation of successful, innovative, inspired, thinkers and leaders. She presents workshops nationally and internationally, lectures at various universities and as author she has published various books.

During 2007 Brenda became the CEO of the Centre for Power Intelligence. Brenda is also the recipient of various awards including the ‘Professional Business Woman of the Year Award’. 

You are invited to join this adventure of authentic success and quality living

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☛ INTRO: Everything we achieve and create - our success, happiness, money, relationship, levels of prosperity - or the lack thereof - are a reflection of the quality of our inner programs and choices. Although we cannot always determine what happens around us, we can choose how we master ourselves and the processes within us. These inner programs - our actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, efforts, how we utilize our potential, focus our inner resources and access potential - our inner DNA - determines the quality of our lives.

Old ways of thinking and doing are being replaced with new levels of consciousness that include success and prosperity for all. People, companies, organisations and communities are choosing to rewrite their scripts of life - even redefine their DNA. A new mindset concering intelligence, success, prosperity and leadership is emerging. You are invited to join this exciting adventure.

☛ BRIEFLY: I am passionate about helping individuals, teams, companies and organisations to lay a new foundation while rediscovering what authentic success and quality living is all about. In the process people learn to reinvent themselves while gaining a new advantage in life, at work, in their relationships and as leaders, pathfinders and mapmakers . As visionary leaders my/our cutting edge training maximizes personal & business potential. Assessment makes outcomes easily accessible, visible and affordable.

Nine books with cutting edge concepts like Power Intelligence, New Success DNA and New Leadership DNA are the outcomes of more than ten years of research and development. We can expect to spend the next season of our personal and business lives developing these concepts within a new paradigm and with an elevated sense of awareness. The time has come to lay a new foundation - Now!

☛ WHO I SERVE: I/We serve people. I/We assist individuals, groups, communities, leaders, managers, teams & organizations in developing a new mindset while implementing new cutting edge power skills & tools that will secure sustainable success, prosperity and quality living, benefitting all people.

☛ WHAT WE DO: Everything I/we do brings you:

  • A new purpose, focus, vision, inspiration and focus -
  • A new intelligence (see Power Intelligence). Develop intelligent teams and organizations
  • An increased ability to change by re-inventing self, groups and organizations
  • A new perspective of what qualities an authentic leader should possess
  • A new perspective of what authentic leaders should be doing
  • A workforce with new Leadership DNA
  • Access to New Leadership DNA, New Success DNA, Power Intelligence
  • A new approach to coaching, mentoring and self mastery
  • A new perspective and focus on success, resilience, wellness & innovation
  • A new mindset concerning quality living with cutting edge skills & tools
  • A clear map of the future with a new vision of possible accomplishments and successes
  • Happier people, families, customers & clients
  • Measurable progress


With more than 20 years of experience we are in the privileged position to cut through superficial assumptions while getting to the fundamentals and root essence of authentic success, quality living and innovative, inspiring leadership, that will benefit all. With a wide range of personal expertise & experience my team and I can assist in harnessing & utilizing personal and organizational energy/power & potential - even right down to a DNA level while securing sustainable success and progress.

Streamlined training and development provide the necessary skills and tools in order to overcome stumbling blocks while turning them into stepping stones. Leadership, Resilience and Wellness training are part of the package in order to move forward at an accelerated pace. Published books contain all the latest information for laying a sound foundation for the next level of success and prosperity. Without this new foundation, skills & tools – we will just be doing more of the same. Investment now is crucial for our personal and collective success and the transition into a new future.


  • Training and development of Power Intelligence, New Success DNA & New Leadership DNA.
  • Organizational training & development.; fascilitation and consultation
  • Inspirational & public speaking at events, conferences and as keynote speaker
  • Most popular speaking topics at the moment include
  •        Power Intelligence – The intelligence of the future
  •        Seven steps to securing the Madiba Legacy in life and leadership
  •        New Success DNA – do you have it and how to develop it
  •        New Leadership DNA – what everyone should know about leaders and leadership
  • Access to the latest books and training material (See: Books and Author page)
  • Weekly blogs and monthly newsletters
  • Community development (See: securing the Madiba Legacy in life and leadership)
  • The development of a New Success DNA Community (See: NSD Community)
  • Training of a new workforce with New Success DNA. (See: Workshop topics available here)
  • Training the trainer (watch this space)
  • Measurable progress by making use of our Power Intelligence Success Profile (get PISP here



Do our Power Intelligence Success Profile and find out how effective and efficient you and/or your team, company and/or organization are utilizing, investing and maximising your potential? 

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Part of your Power Intelligence Success Profile will look like this


  • All Leaders in every position, CEO’s, HR-Mangers and team leaders
  • Event and Conference organisers & Company workshop organisers
  • Coaches, mentors, Psychologists, Counsellors. Trainers and HR Developers
  • Community developers, school and academic leaders, teachers
  • All individuals who are committed to a new season of quality living


Contact us for:

  • Cutting egde leadership training and developing New Leadership DNA
  • An inspirational speaker for your next event, conference or training session
  • Training of a new workforce with New Success DNA & Power Intelligence
  • Assessment of the potential in yourself, your team, company and/or organization
  • Selfmastery, self-mentoring and self-development courses
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Coaching & Mentoring Training (training the trainer)
  • Community Development (See: Securing the Madiba Legacy in life and leadership)
  • Facilitation
  • Consulting

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Power Intelligence. Mastering your Miracle Mind
We all have been hard-wired to create success and prosperity, even miracles. Current research has revealed a guide-spot, a miracle-mind, primarily situated in the frontal lobes of the human brain. When we consciously connect to this spot, also known as the love-spot or God-spot, we have access to guidance, direction and the infinite potential of the universe. With the necessary understanding, skills and tools we can tap into and utilise our universal power, intelligence, guidance and wisdom. Here we find the power to create miracles!

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